High strength drilling hose

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API Spec 7k & GB/T24145-2009 / Rubber, stainless steel, carbon fiber / Oil drilling and mud delivery system

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • API Spec 7k & GB/T24145-2009 standard
  • It is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
  • Professional supporting services to meet after-sales needs
  • Reasonable price and high cost performance
  • High quality, many years of manufacturing experience has been successfully applied to large enterprises such as PetroChina

Product Details

Definition: rotary drilling hose is the customary name of "rubber hose for rotary drilling and shock absorption", and also known as "drilling equipment hose" and "water hose".

In geological and petroleum rotary drilling, it is necessary to transport high-capacity fluid mud to the bit by high pressure. Rotary drilling hose and hose assembly are used as flexible connectors in mud transportation pipeline.

The rotary drilling hose is used between the top of the riser and the rotary joint running up and down. Marine mud transportation hose is used for transporting high-pressure mud between barge and offshore drilling platform, and its length is usually more than 13.5m.

The shock absorption hose is short (9m or less) and is used between the pump and the derrick, i.e. riser manifold, to suit different axial properties and isolate vibration.


It is composed of inner rubber layer, inner rubber protective layer, middle rubber layer, steel wire winding layer and outer rubber layer.

The inner lining of hose shall be composed of oil and water resistant rubber.

The reinforcement layer of hose shall be made of textile and steel wire (rope) materials.

The outer coating of the hose shall be composed of oil resistant, wear-resistant and weather aging resistant rubber, and the surface shall be provided with a color band along its length direction to facilitate the use and installation of the hose.


Steel wire wound drilling hose is used in oil field cementing, workover, petroleum geological exploration, small drilling rig, water conservancy and coal mining, mud transportation and other fluid media


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